Let's Make Robots!

My best idea EVER!

Arial Video

Yup, it was bound to happen...

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Hate to admit it, but you've got me inspired. I myself have one of those iPods, and tomorrow I'm going to try putting it in the chicken coop or on a bike... something. This is a pretty cool idea you got here Chris.

Great stuff there ctc.

Are you planning more for this plane?

live feed with pan and tilt?

target lock?

just some thoughts.


Another ctc wonder.

An excellent idea, keep the great work up!! 

Not sure about CarpenterAIR's landings, but you get bonus marks for the loop!

Don't worry too much about the risk of wrecking the ipod, I'm sure this guy has bigger worries - http://helivideo.com/ . I'm wondering what the best cheap, lightweight video recording option is - and as others have said, live feed would be awesome.

You High Flyer You.....

.... it took my breath away ..... did i detect a loop-de-loop ?


   You should try to have a camera on the plane, just like you did, but get a devise so that you could watch the video as the plane is in the air, having a radio signal. As long as you don't reck the plane. 

   If you know what I'm talking about, do know were you could buy one????? (NOT the iPod)

That's awsome, a live feed would be perfect :D

how much was the plane? i've always wanted one :-)

Mine is a Chinese knock-off but the cost difference allowed for an upgrade of lipos and a brushless.

(The picture is just what I could find quickly with Google image)

ahh the easystar....such a fun plane....