Let's Make Robots!


This Challange is to see the craftsmanship of the robot along with the programers abilty to know the details of there robots movements.

Basic Start in the middle and have your robot movie to the outer squar and then move to the following squars. Then go back to the center. That is the challange.

Rules : 1. No Senors!                                                                                   

           2. Must be in side each box fully.

Request this be taken on by are New people but that does not meen that you can not enter.  Any one can win!

PRIZE is My old solidering iron and Some random robot componets. Like resitors and diodes and if i am realy impressed i will include some standoffs.

 For more than one winner i will take a vote of the site to chose one WINNER!


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And this challenge from '08 is new because... ???

Perhaps it's new simply because the author changed a minor detail. The LMR CMS marks nodes as new again after such silly updates.

It was me, the page was using a .BMP as main picture, which makes a mess. I changed it to ahve a nicer list of challenge.

Thank you so much!

THe parts arived today!

They sre sooo cooollll.

I was so busy uhing and ahing the new parts, that i was late for scholl :(


I was thinking that id get alot less.

But thats great!

One mega awsome thanks you to you!

cant wait for it to arrive!

Aw, I'm upset. I was hoping to see a photo of your old soldering iron as promised!

I Mailed the prize and this is what is inside of it. A pair of motors, A LOT of resistors some caps and about 60 diodes, a small breadbord, about 10 switches, 4 standoffs with bolts and washer, and a computer plug conector for you to make your progamer with. DSCN0092.jpgYou are what you make of yourself.

I got your message and am puting every thing to gether i will let you know when it ships. By the way i do still have one question are you using http://international-electrical-supplies.com/switzerland-plug-adapters.html just a question. because i saw some irons with the GB style and was woundering if you were useing that or maybe you have the one that takes all of them. In other words post a pic of your outlet.   Never thought i would ask for a pic of that.

Ok i sent you a message...


Here is what we need either you create a paypal account or i mail a letter with a check and the resitors, diodes and some caps.