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Ran out of outputs


I ran out of outputs for my servos on the picaxe 28 starter kit. Here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/113 frits said he can use these:

Out c0Out c1 Out c2Out c3Out c4Out c5Out c6Out c7

as an output. However, I don't think you can use the servo command with it. Any suggestions? Is there is a way to connect two picaxe chips?


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It is true, you cannot use all the available outputs on a 28x1 for servo signals. There are plenty of alternative ways to control more servos.

servos sharing a signal line: if your application can bear it
servo controller: dedicated chip/board that receive serial commands from the picaxe
second picaxe: basically a custom made servo controller

The different modes of communication between picaxes (i2c, rs232, pulse, PWM, voltage) have been discussed elsewhere on LMR. Use the search page.

Nice answer! :)

Runs from i2c line, 20+ servos it's own servo power. All good. This is the way to go.