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Accelerometer code

Hey guys, 

looking to control two servos (standard futuba hobby servos) from a adxl 335.

I have all the mechanical and electrical systems ready im just trying to figure out the code.

I have seen how to use the accelerometer to measure acc and just print to the serial on my pc, but how do i get those signals to control the position of a servo.

Also, how would you go about adding the signals from two axis (ie sum up the values from the x axis and y axis, and have a servo respond to that new number)

I have also been having problems when trying to power the servos from an external source (other then the 5v and grd on the arduino, i am using a hobby battery and a 5V reg, but for some reason the servos stop responding to the code when powered this way.

thanks for the help

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Sharing grounds with the power supplies? 

As for the code, never used it, you could try


map(val, minimum adxl value, maximum adxl value, 0(for servos), 180(for servos));