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Ttracking robot


I want to make a robot that follows another robot, this is good, problem is that it doesn't work well in sunlight. I will be using the robot in a pretty sunny environment.

Anyone have a better way to do it?

I am using picaxe 28x1.

Thank you.

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 Depending on your programming skills, try ultrasonic. I am learning Parallax BS2, but programming is programming. The generic cheap ultrasonic sensors are digital (+5 or 0V with a time delay). The Ping is much more tunable and just learning that. Been experementing with IR alot lately and did notice problems in sunlight. The Parallax Boe Bot Book has an example of following bots if you can convert PBASIC to PIC stuff. Optical devices are useless when saturatted. Also been experimenting with the IR sensor that is used in TVs and VCRs and is controlled by a TV remote.. I did notice I did have a range of around 8' when running my Mini Hightower outside in the sun vs 30' + indoors. I am now working on an external modulatted pulse generator to make the TV IR reciever work very easily. Be coming out soon. Electronics for me is very easy, but still very time consuming to make it consistant. Programming kicks my butt. I never had so much trouble with a 3 wire device before. lol Hope to have done and presentable in a few days.

I could use ultrasonic or even a cam. However, I want the robot to follow just one specific object. If I use ultrasonic the robot will follow any object it detects.