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LCD Display

I wanna buy an LCD screen for my robot, but I don't know anything about LCD screens. I am using picaxe 28x1.

Any suggestions witch one I should get?

Thank you.

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Thanks everyone, I think I will go with this from SparkFun. 

I have a crystalfontz lcd(16x2 backlit) that runs both serial and spi. Got it for 15 I think, but it was at a place that sells surplus so they only had em for a short time. I like it though, nice to be able to use spi on attiny procs and also the serial on procs that support it. There is a jumper you have to solder to allow for both options, but a simple micro switch works wonders for this.

Going from a LCD with 900 wires coming out of it and one with a serial "backpack" on it is like, a $10 difference. I would pay this 10 bucks 3 times over to avoid all those connections and pain in the ass code. Go serial, period. Picaxe likes serial, serout commands are easy. Setting baudrate is easy. Don't listent to these 1's and 0's guys.

Anything from Sparkfun will work great --thier white letters on black background is beautiful. --or-- Go with the "picaxe brand" LCD and add the clock to it. It is only a $5 upgrade. With the clock module, you have to use i2c communication, which is easy as well. Also, the "picaxe brand" LCD comes stock at 2400 baud. Picaxe chips really don't like much over 9600 and are very very happy at 2400.

I was just pointing out another option :)

... there are the parallel controlled LCD's based on the HD44780. They are a little harder to work with because they require more pins, but they are also cheaper. I'm sure you can find a lot of connection howtos and sample code to use them with the Picaxe.  

Just be sure it is "Serial Enabled". Well, either that or i2c.

I'm using a LCD03 (20x4) with a Picaxe 28x1, too.