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transmits video, uses multiple types of sensors for navigation

Alrighty, so this is the slapped together voodoobot(not running just yet). I'm working on a possible conversion to a tracked version(using vex track kit) for ease of movement vs wheeled motion(3 point turns are a pain) but will do a test with the wheels.

[The start]


So originally this was one of those rc spycars, came with a micro vid transmitter and reciever(on the radio transmitter). I've pulled the electronics from the main boards and am working on making it standalone so I can integrate it into future projects. Not bad for a  car that was  $50 on amazon when it was on sale. A note on the reciever, the board for the camera had a couple of interesting pins, data,1,2,3 and audio pins that are not being used....If I ever find any info on these, I'd love to integrate them.

head set and receiver

Also, there is a way to integrate a standard rca connector onto this device for video output to a tv(ntsc or pal). If I can, I'll see about setting this up so I can capture some video...this would be pretty cool.  :)As it is, I just have the glasses headset.


-[Work in progress]-

So far, I've gutted the shell, removed all of the electronics and am looking to fit my gear in it for some test runs.I'm loooking to possibly salvage the motor driver as it worked well with the car.

As I mentioned before, I'm going to try to use the wheels first, but I don't like the fact that the rear is a solid axel. I'm used to a rear diff setup(offroad rc cars) but this still has some potential. The front steering is a bit shallow, so that will have to be modified to allow for a tighter turning radius. I'll be adding the steering setup from an rc car.

I'm also waiting on some electronics from mouser for the vid gear. 

The placement of the ir sensor in the front mid section seems to work and doesn't get affected by the low slope of the body. It'll be a fixed positsion sensor and only check for direct frontal obstacles.

ir sensor


The ping sensor was just placed on top of the cam as a test location(double stick tape, yay).I've got some ir detectors that I'll be using  for a future project where this bot will be navigating based on a series of beacons(sentry style). This will most likely placed on the same mount as the ping sensor.


The camera placement will most likely stay in the back and since it can be angled up, it shouldn't be an issue for it being so far back.depending on if I want the camera to be movable(rotated around)I may pull it out of the houseing. One note, the housing contained a large IR transmitter that wasn't connected, so thats going to be another item to hookup and see how it affects night vision. It'll be trigered by an ldr so it's not on all of the time.

I'm looking at making a couple of the FritsLDR sensors from the direct front  spanning out like a V to detect large objects in front of the wheels. One would also be pointing directly in front to detect either a large obstical or nothing.....goatta avoid holes and such!Also may add one additional one to the rear.

As I don't have a lot of time, this project is not going to be updated that often, but I will add progress as I get things up and running.



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that thing looks really cool

great project

It looks like there is an audio version of this car as well.  since you have those pins it might be possible that they just add a camera for the video one or a mic for the audio one.  might be worth it to try hooking up a mic and speaker.  Be nice to find out if that works cause it might be possible to buy the audio version (~$50 less) and add one of those cheap cameras.
It came with the audio car as well(albeit a smaller version)...I haven't taken that apart yet.

In your car what model number is on your video transmitter?



The transmitter from the car was RW67TX-NA03 with a build date I assume of 200705-001<--group number?

The one out of the tank  is the same except with the build date of 200808-002

 Also since I pulled the tranmitter and reciever out of their original components I had to build that hardware.

This is what it looked like.

The board has since been trimmied  to the size of the transmitter board itself with a dremel tool so it's not the big square anymore. 

I have video of the camera setup working(vid cam up to the eye piece) but I have yet to post that as I'm included in some of it.  :D

Can you please share the schematic you used for the "breakout" boards for the transmitter and receiver? I have the tank version and can't seem to identify the small smd components!

I would suggest checking out this post. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1908

It has some info on what I found out, but I would have to look in my notes for the schematics. The only part that was of any uncertainty ws the inductor which I'm still unsure if I used the best one, but in the end it worked. Pulling the video stuff off was easy either. a lot of solder sucker and solder lifting with a copper braid had to be done.

I have the transmitter working but still can't seem to get the receiver wired correctly :/ if it isn't too big of a favor could you post the schematic you used? Or do you have the data sheet for the receiver ? Thanks in advance for all the help

I'll have to look for it as it was on a piece of paper, I have no eta on being able to find it. I could possibly take some closeup shots of the board and you could work on something based on that.

Pictures of your circuit would be amazing! And possibly a parts list if you can remember what you used, if not that's alright! Thanks for all the help, its a ton of help