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components that I'm working on at this time -

So these are a couple of the parts that I'm working on. As mentioned in the original bot post, these are the camera side of things. I'm just waiting on parts(arriving friday!) before proceeding with this gear.



--[Areas that I'm going to be focusing on]--

-Steering setup

I've got some old rc gear that is just sitting around, I figure I can use it to control the steering. Servo mounting shouldn't be an issue as there appears to be plenty of room. The original setup used a single motor that would essentually had a small load and kept the wheels it either the right or left extreme. it auto centered with a dual spring setup that were against a center poll.

-wiring up the ir sensor.

need to add the wiring and a bracket to be mounted on the shell of the bot.

-testing comm system between multiple 08ms.

serial com

 This is the test setup I was using I will be doing more work on intercom when I wire up the sensor.

Working out functionality and flowcharting of controls for the communication.

 --[testing gear]--

Some of the gear I've used for testing.

 test gear



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video camera components.

This is video camera section. The board was again based on thecam_vid_board_components.jpg main circuit board from the rc car I pulled it from. This one was a bit easier to build as most of the components were easily identifiable. The reulator is a LDO model(mcp1702 5v TO93 case), something nice and small. Since I didn't want to solder the video transmitter onthe board I used some board mount connectors. Since the image was taken, I've removed most of the excess board with a dremel so as to be able to fit it into a small project box.








The Camera module with the original case and the transmitter mounted on the breakout(?)  board.

The lens is the central most glass. The left side lens had no functional use. the rightside lens is part of a IR led which is actually quite large(10mm diameter or thereabouts).


Camera receiver setup and power module.


The power module sends regulated power  the video receiver. The video signal is sent to the display setup(video headset/eyepiece). The schematic was traced then hand drawn from the original board. The inductor used is a 18uh(microhenry) module used with a capacitor which is part of the video output signal circuit. The inductor value is based on research as I couldnt' identify the correct value on the original board. I'm not quite sure how this portion of the circuit works so I can't help to much with any questions on it. The 3 wire connector is a servo extension wire that I cut in the middle. This was then attached to the power/video boardand the receiver module.

 The complete receiver setup, the receiver, power module, and video display eyepeice. The original power setup was using 6 AA cells, but I have managed to use a standard 9v battery without issue. I haven't tested the time that the setupwill actually run with a full charge. 


the camera set is really nice, how much did you pay for it (or is it the camera from the spy car?)

Yep, it came on the spy car...in the past couple of weeks I've been taking it apart bit by bit. The video transmitter was the trickiest to remove as I had to desolder the (12)pins which I really hadn't done until now(at least not multi pin components).

I used a desoldering suction thing...interesting tool....

I've managed to trace the circuit wiring and am waiting for some components to test it off of the main circuit board.

The receiver was a bit easier as it was mounted on a plastic case and had 3 wires that attached to the main cb.