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speed and max frekvens


Is there any way to see what my motor controllers max pwm frekvens is?

And to masuere the speed on my motor?

I am using 2 normal 4.5V DC motors, the ones from LMR Mr. Basic



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Almost every frequency will work, but according to Oddbot lower frequencies give better force (torque) at lower duty cycles.

Measuring the speed of the wheels (or the motors) is tricky. You need some sort of sensor to feel or see or hear or smell every rotation and count those pulses. This is called an encoder. Search for that word and you will find plenty of articles describing them.

Thanks for the respond. Will try and see what there is, if i get time.

But i am not sure that will work, got no room to put any ting near the wheels, or on the axel.

My first solution where to paint some white stribes on the wheel, and then add a IR sensor to count them. But will not look so good, and got no time to make the software. It is for a school project, and only got just a month left. Behind on my documentary. 

Do you know if i can some how maybe put a resistor on the motor, and then some how meassure the current(mAmp) over it, and then feed it back to my processor? 

Yes you can measure the current drawn by a motor. No it will not be a reliable way to measure the speed of your robot.

The way to measure the current is (also!) described by Oddbot somewhere on LMR. Search for "current sensing shunt".