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Flat pack cabinet - erecting problems

"Fellow hardware hacker" Jeri recently furnished her new lab. Some extra storage space was absolutely necessary.

Late night Ikea assembly can be awkward!

Watch that cabinet (after re-assembly) live here.  Jeri's followers are now betting on how many views the Youtube vid will have one year from today. Bets so far range from 2^15 to 2^16. Nerds!

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I thought you had new internet tubes running through Taiwan and were not/less censored. Is this not true or no longer true?

I was in Taiwan for Chinese new year. The internet isn't sensored there. I did briefly have access via various proxy sites but they usually don't last long before they stop working :(

Can you post the video on youku or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

I have no idea if it is possible to -directly- reupload youtube to youku.

(didya get that: IDEA?)