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Floid (Prototype 0610)

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Floid (Prototype 0610)

This is the first prototype of Floid, The inspiration came from Frits and his TIRDNKWIIT Robot. The idea being that it will move around by flipping over.


I've designed the first prototype of Floid to be simple and easy to build, at the moment he is tethered to the Arduino and PC.


Floid was designed in eMachineShop, and printouts where used as templates to cut the 2mm HIPS. I tried a couple of methods to bend it to shape, I even melted the toaster. In the end I made (what I call) a line bender from the filament wire of the melted toaster. Stretching it between 2 nails with a tension spring at one end a laptop charger for the power.

Floid Line Drawing

The video shows my first tests after writing the Arduino Sketch, he's a little unstable at the moment, which I've put down to the high tolerances in the construction, and the design of Floid. I'll improve this over time, along with adding the ability to change direction.

I've attached all the eMachineShop CAD files and the Arduino Sketch for anyone who's interested.

Thanks for looking...

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David C.'s picture

nice cat in the bakround. anyway real cool bot

flokos's picture

I made the 2 legs in aluminium ,i just have to make  the base and it will be ok.

You can see them below:



Wow, this is a really cool idea. The cost is really reasonable as well. I hope that you will continue developing and sharing your robots and other creations with us. Thanks again.

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flokos's picture

I draw  inspiration from this robot.

Im thinkin of making something simmilar to this but more stable and faster.

i will say more when il be ready.


flokos's picture

Here there are 2 of the parts of you robot i made in alluminium but they aren't perfect as yours .


Nice to see you tried in aluminium, looking good.


flokos's picture

from where did you got those brackets?

The brackets are all made by me, the CAD files are included in the Floid Prototype Attachment, see Geir's post on eMachineShop for more on the software. If you want to make them just print them out full size glue or tape them to 2mm thick HIPS (also known as Plasticard) cut, drill and use heat to bend them.


flokos's picture

Can i have them cut somewhere,because i dont think i have the tools to do it my shelf.


(edit:well i have a dremmel 300 so i can cut the straight lined parts but i dont know how to cut the rounded ones,any sugestion accepted)

You can have them cut and bent by the company that own eMachineShop though it will cost a lot, I intend to eventually have them machined in aluminium once the designs perfected.


The HIPS is easy to cut with a Stanley/Craft Knife just keep scoring along the lines of the template, the curved ends where done with wadding files (looks for sets of small files in the diy shops I got mine for about £3) it doesn't take all that long to do.


The best way I found to bend the HIPS is described above, just keep it short about 30cm and experiment with different power supply's until the filament wire turns red. You will need a spring that pulls inward as the wire expands, as it gets hot. Just be careful as it really hurts if you touch it.


Hope this helps.