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Vary basic question about headers

This is a very simple question and I am only asking because it is fundamental to my first robot (and I don't have the money to get this bit wrong).

I want to connect jumper wires to my circuit board, I do not want to simply solder them in because then my parts would not be very re-usable. So I will use the headers provided with my circuit board. I understand that the normal way to connect my wires would now involve crimping them (or buying pre-crimped) and then putting them in a housing. However, I can barely afford my robot as it is (im only 13 so I don't have allot of money) so I dont want to spend allot of money on getting / crimping wires. I have found something that has not been mentioned in any of the tutorials that I have read called PCB jumper links (http://www.technobots.co.uk/acatalog/Shop_Front_2_54mm_PCB_Jumper_Link_Black_1331.html#a2700_2d070) am I right in thinking that I plug these into my headers and then my wires (off motors and batteries ect) into these? would this work?

Thank you, LMR is relay helping me understand the basics of robotics and I look forward to submitting my robot when I build it. 

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no sorry you are not right these are use to connect pins together essentially shorting the pins out

your best bet is to get crimped wires and 1 way crimp housing




Thankyou allot: i nearly bought em

You can get pre-crimped and -housed jumper wires cheap from pololu.


I'm building my own headers and connectors from single row pcb connectors, and solder the wires on it. I prefer buying the 40pin single row headers and break it into pieces of 2,3, or any number of pins needed. A little bit of hot glue to avoid shortcuts, that all.



And it looks pretty too, lol :D