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Servos and a Humanoid

Hello everybody,

I just found a possible new chassis for my robot (pics are below). This time I want to go one step further and make a very simple humanoid.

So, the question is : how much servos should I need to make a basic walking for my robot?   My plan is to use 3x for every hand and leg, but I may be wrong.

Another crucial question : could THESE servos handle the job? ( My only option, because of their price - I'm almost broke :/ )

The chassis :


The servos (there are two types : Tower Pro, SG90 (9g) and Futaba Hitec HS-55 GWS (9g). :

Now I've got only 5 of these, so I'm planning to buy 8 more for ~20 bucks from ebay.

Or should I stop dreaming and start saving? What is your suggestion, LMR ?

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First off, I would get that PCB off of the conductive inside of the metal box!! Stand-offs!!! Insulation!! Something!!

Second, no. No those micro servos are not going to work except for the very end of each arm.

Yeah, thanks for warning me. Fortunately, batteries weren't connected. :)

Since it's small, try getting some tower pro mg955 servos, for the legs and hip, they can lift a lot of weight, but they are slow, and tend to burn out with a lot of effort, but they are cheap, 9$ a piece from dx

Ok, gonna look for those. Thanks ;)

I've calculated how much servos would cost for me and changed my mind a bit. Now I'm thinking about a quadpod (if there is such a word). A robot just like a hexapod, but with 4 legs (3 servos on each.)

First I thought about hexapod with 2 servos on each leg, but later on I understood that quadpod would give a better flexibility.

Few questions about this idea. Once again, would servos like Futaba Hitec HS-55 GWS ( 1.5kg/cm on 4.8V, 0.12sec/ 60 degrees) handle the weight?

And what about such four legged robot stability? Would I be able to make it walk without falling? :?

wait, have you built any robots before?, how do you plan on controlling all those servo's? what battery's will you use?

think about all these before you start, ( trust me about the battery thing, it can be hard to find the right power suply

Yes I have, but only the rover type ones. For the servo control I thought about converting 4 portc pins to outputs so I had 12 outputs for four legs with 3 servos. And for the batteries my plan was to use 3 AA's, but if that's not enough I'm going to look for some RC car type batteries.

About the servo control.

As I said before, I thought converting portc pins from input to output would work just fine for the servos, but I just read on the web, that when converted, portc pins can only make basic commands such as 'high', 'low' and etc. thus making 'servo' command not working.

Can anybody confirm or deny this? Thanks.