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MR-2: fighter robot in LARC 2006, Cowbot category.

fighte robot, follow IR beacon
CowBot_Manta-Raya_PDF.pdf1.27 MB


The robot was designed for competition Cowbot, in Latinoamerican Robotic Contest LARC 2006. Santiago, Chile.
Two robots face off in a duel, each with three ping-pong balls shooting (balabot) and use a ball last case added to the body (knife).
Have five minutes to complete the test, the first enemy fire and Match to win the match, or if he touches the ball first added to the body of the robot (stabbed). Be able to locate the robots via a beacon arranged in the top of the robot enemy, so detecting the sensor IR beacon could get the position of the robot opponent.

Got third Place in this competition, with my design.

List of components:

  • 4 servos, Hitech HS-311 (2 wheels, 2 turret, 1 cannon)
  • 3 PIC 16F84A (2 robot, 1 beacon)
  • 2 SN 754410 (H Bridge)
  • 5 IRM 8601s  (38KHz IR detector)
  • 8 IR-LED (beacon)
  • 3 switch (tact sensor)
  • 3 9V battery (2 robot, 1 beacon)
  • chasis (aluminum, iron)


Robot MR-2:

  • the robot is completely autonomous, is not guided by anyone.
  • behavior is to search, find, point and shoot
  • has a turret which always points to the enemy, guided by the beacon.
  • 2 servos move it by the arena
  • A servo rotates the turret (tank type)
  • A servo shoot ping pong balls (balabot)
  • IR sensor detects IR beacon
  • Tactile sensors to avoid leaving the arena


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Looks interesting, is hard to see much about the robot itself. Do you have some more pictures of it? Perhaps a video of the robot alone, where it is demonstrated?

Thanks for sharing, I never heard of this contest :)

hi, I attached a File with the specifications of the MR-2 robot, design, construction, etc. and LARC Cowbot Rules

I'm sorry but this in Spanish, but the wiring diagrams and photos are easy to understand.