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A.O.U.S. 2008

Avoids obstacles

This quite simple robot made with LEGO® Mindstorms NXT set is programmed in NXT-G (LEGO's visual programming language) to Avoid Obstacles using the Ultrasonic Sensor. The idea was to make a labyrinth with white, black and blue coloured walls. Coloured walls help our robot to find its way out of the labyrinth saying it to which side it should turn. White wall means „turn 90˚ right“, black one means „turn 90˚ left“ and blue one means „stop“. When we run the program, A.O.U.S.2008 waits until it hears (with sound sensor) a sound louder than 90 dB (we were clapping our hands) it then starts to drive straight ahead until the ultrasonic sensor recognises that the wall is on 8 cm distance. Robot temporarily stops to use light sensor to measure an amount of reflected light from coloured wall and then, depending on the colour of the wall, it turns right or left on spot. A.O.U.S. then again drives straight ahead until it spots another wall and then does the turn. Action is repeated until the robot comes to blue wall when program stops.

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Video of it at work?

same problem as with XP2M :(

solved for this one :D

Nice Robot !

// Can