Let's Make Robots!

Chaos Lord

produce chaotic drawings with his pen

hi all

I am mr. Chaos 

I can draw chaotic drawings with my ink pen

i suck energy from a 1.4 v zinc air cell

nice to meet you

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Excellent Video! Very Chaotic...........

Nice! Looks like a little robot riding a funky tricycle. And that zinc-air cell technology is interesting, I was learned about those the other day. Very cool, man

Edit: And nice job on that battery holder. Those things are tricky to do...

Cool! If I had this thing, i'd be framing one or two paintings, and hang them on the wall as art!

thank you all, my lmr frieds .

Now I am plannning to build a bigger one with a pen grip and a picaxe for the brain.

To add randomness i could read values from a LDR and use them to affect motor activity in some way...

We've missed Noise0's bots. For your next version ... maybe different PWM speeds change the movement?

hi :)

i am using Picaxe 04M to pwm the motor in both direction (forward,reverse, speed control)  (using small bjt h-bridge)

and ldr to soak caos from environment


i am unsure between freeform or perfboard...

perfboard means always a drop in aestetic :|