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Yeah... I just got a wireless transmitter and receiver, along with two servos. Being 14 years old, i will have to wait about two weeks before i can buy anything over 10 dollars. Anyway, i have a Wii Fit, wchich comes with a balance board in a nice cardboard case. So I carved the cardboard and built an ugly little chassis. Now, i plan to give it two arms so it can pick stuff up (obviously light stuff). However i cannot find a way to plug a DC motor into a receiver so it can go forward or backward (go-figure). I will get pictures up soon, and if anyone could help me out with my motor dilema, that would be great. Oh, and i dont have any sort of microcontroller, like Picaxe or Arduino.

The Transmitter is one that i bought used on ebay, it is the FP-T4NBF, and the Receiver is the FP-R127DFThe receiver i havet313258-57-thumb-futaba.jpg

EDIT(D'OH!!! I was reading through this website, hoping for a bit of insight on my servo problem, and I can across the page with the servo alteration.


I only have 5 bucks on hand, so i could do this, giving me a simple driving motor, and, I also had a moment in which i decided, instead of 4 wheels, I could give it two, like a motorcycle. The way i decided to have it spin the forward and backward is to mount the wheel beside a servo that is on its side, so its small "wheel" will turn the bigger wheel, to keep it stable, i could cut some ping-pong balls in half and mount them to the bottom of the box.)EM_9g.jpg

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Are you comfortable with a soldering iron? You can modify servos for continuous rotation. Info and pictures on how to do it are google-able. This will plug straight into your receiver and all you need are 2x $0.02 resistors (per motor).

Alternatively, you can buy a motor speed controller. But not on $5 a week.

Hey whats that servo mechanism do there?
The servo duhicky will be used to open and close little arms, i havent made the arms yet though, so at this point it isnt really anything.... However, i will try to get some arms mounted tonight
I used to race RC alot. I used a reciver like this but with only 3 slots u need to get your self a speed controller for you to control motoros with it hope that helps !!!!
Post a picture of the wireless reciever and make sure it's a really big picture k?

Ok, i hope i got it ok now....

Alright chris I think that the wireles reciever only works for servos so you might be outta luck but if you altered your design you could make it so the one servo is connected to your wireles remote andd that servo does all of the steering while your other two motors just push would that be ok? I'll try posting this up as a design kk?


Provide as much info as you can. What receiver is it? Did you salvage it from a remote controlled car? What other things were in the car? Provide links to receiver and other components and photos of your setup. It makes it much easier to answer your question.
Ok i added a pic, and gave some more info about the transmitter/receiver. sorry

but you left out info on the motor. At any rate, generally you can't connect a motor directly to the Futaba receiver you have, there needs to be some signal translator there with an h-bridge. Pololu has the TReX motor controllers that will translate the RC signal from the receiver (which is an RC servo pulse about 1.0 to 2.0 ms repeated every 20 ms). There is also the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth, but both units are about $60.

Alternatively, you could make use of the servos you have now, and try something like the Crabfu robots. Some of the biped robots make use of 2 servos for motion as well.