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My big project "NONAME" (like WALL-E, but different)

Navigate around via sensors and home alarm system

Hi ALL!!!

I'm from Ukraine, and this is my big project "NONAME" .  Why "NONAME"... I don't know :) Some people  give he name WALL-E , but they wrong... It's not WALL-E!!!

I work of this project one year, he have 4 step PWM controled by UltraSonic Radar, IR sensor, mechanical  bumper (if IR sensor not see barrier) and cell phone alarm system with piroelectrical sensor (in head), also have two camera - first is BW camera with IR leds (for night mode) and second camera - RGB in head. Operator choice who camera now transmit live video on remote  base station, also he take robot to remote control. This robot on board have three uC - ATMega 8 this uC controlled all system on robot.     


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This is RC and AV vision box - BMS.



Nice bot!

Show us a video of NONAME. I am curious about how it moves the head and how its built!

Looks really nice. Do you have any more pictures, perhaps some video? How big is it?