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Devantech SRF02 Ultrasonic Ranger

I was considering about using this ulatrasonic sensor for my PICAXE. But I have major questions for this thing. How would you hook this up because it says stuff about the Tx and Rx pins on the Microcontroller. I also wander how to program this thing. I would use the PING, but it's range is too short. I need to know how to program this.

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Really? Tx and Rx? Really?

I googled the sonar sensor and there is a data sheet right there. It's right on the product page, with info on jumpers and i2c communication and UART serial communication and different "firing" modes and distance and beam width and size of the unit. Commands are there. Info is there. "How do I program this thing?" Really? It is right there! Wait, I'll save you the trouble, HERE IS THE LINK! 

C'mon, Tofu... Are you asking these qeuestions just to hear yourself type? Did you open the data sheet? When you did, did you google the terms you didn't understand like Tx and Rx? Did you google UART or i2c or serial command? Anything? You do know that a micro controller (like a picaxe) has in's and out's right? You know, an input --like the kind of input that could receive data? And it has outputs --like the kind of output that could transmit data.

Stop jumping ahead dude... I.e. you don't have to know how to "transistion" or use sonar if your DRIVE MOTORS DON'T GO!




Gosh, I'm sorry. I just had a different data sheet. I didn't have the same one. I just wanted to ask. Sorry for asking questions. I mean I did see that Tx and Rx are receive and transmit after the post, but I had no idea what to program into it. I know the Picaxe has inputs and outputs that are configurable, but I don't know how to. I am asking questions in order to get to understand things. 

P.S. The motor driver problem, transitions, and this ultrasonic sensor are all different projects, Soooo i'm not jumping ahead. The motor driver problem is in a robot previously built. Transition is in a robot half built. And this sonar is in a airsoft turret I'm making for a friend.

Tofu: when you post a question like this; post it with a picture of how you think it should / might work. Making the picture forces you to lookup the info and think about how it works. If any of the students at my work asks me questions like that, I simply ask them: "what do you think?" and they end up explaining 99% if not all of the solution by themselves. 

Chris: You're right, but be nice. 

Thanks for the advice. I found a schematic online with a code. I understand the schematic but the code is a little bit confusing.

Point taken, Mint.

Sometimes we read the posts at the wrong time...I know I've gotten frustrated a few times with some questions that a google search away....

You're asking what? You've read the manual right....?

Tofu, just try a little harder next time....