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Closeout sale on parallax RFID reader at RadioShack(US only)

This might be a location to location thing but I found my local RS had several at the great price of 9.97.

Doing a search on google shows other people have found this deal and picking them up where available.

This is from the parallax forum mentioned it as well.

I'm considering going back to RS to pick up another one or two.(I want to save some for others...though some folks seem to be just buying them all.....  :/

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Called In, Checked Stock, Entered Store, Saw It Available, Left Store With Something Else, Never Wanted It.

Next Item Please.............

never wanted what? The rfid reader?

I was just there, shoulda asked them about it. Just emptied the rainy day fund into the coin counter and could have picked up one or two...


Score! Yup, 10 bucks. I got 3 of them. It reads my gas card and my passport too! Bad news --I had forgotten that when we renewed our passports, that the new ones were indeed RFID enabled... Big Brother is watching (right through your pocket!)


Nice score!  :D

and wow...it read your passport?!?!?!

wow, I hadn't tried that, but I also have a pre 9/11/01 one....I'll have to try this on my parking and building key cards....

I have it coded to expect a max of 12 digits coming in and when it reads the digits back it stops when it runs out of numbers or gets a CR. Everything I have tested so far has been a 10 digit combination of mostly numbers with 1 or 2 letters in there somewhere. I actually am stoked about the passport showing up... I have read a lot of articles about how to disable the chip (microwave etc.) without any visable indications that it has been disabled. The microwave by the way, burns the paper so don't do it. On the other hand, you can sandwich the back cover of the passport between two pieces of cardboard and smash it with a hammer. My only concern is that the NSA/TSA etc. might not be alarmed with one passport that doesn't scan and has to be read by hand, but would take notice when a whole family has non-scanning passports. It is nice to know however, that I can disable (and test!) the chip if need be. One sec, this tin-foil is itching a bit...

tin foil hat, bah I've already lined mine with felt....  :D

I'll have to play with my reader this weekend.