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Standard Tracked Robot

Goes around avoiding obstacles

This is a simple tracked robot, based mostly on standard entry level components: picaxe, sharp sensors, l293d driver, tamiya motors. I'm mainly reusing them from my first robot, apart from the motors.

The chassis is made by two custom hand-sawed "plastic glass" sheet, distantiated by long screw. I used a lot of L-shaped components to secure the wheel axels and the sensor. The final structure is rock-solid.

This time i also added a switch. I was tired of connecting and disconnecting the "9V like" connector. If anyone is in my situation, i can guarantee: it's worth the effort :)

So sorry if this is yet another standard design robot, i'll try and make something more interesting asap :)


Pictures and videos:










 UPDATE 11/09/2008

As suggested in the comments, i decided to add another distance sensor. This will he hosted higher, so that the robot can tell if the obstacle is high or low. If it's low, the tank will of course use the his mighty powerful tracks to climb over it :) If it's high, it will use the servo to search for an "exit" and go that direction.

Actually i don't have a spare Sharp sensor, so i just mounted the servo. It fitted perfectly between the mounting of the original  sensor, just in front of the motors.

 Here's some pictures :)







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Hi doesnt the tamaiya twin motor need 2 amp to start? 

Doesnt this chip only give 1a?

I use the same motor driver to run a Tamiya dual gearbox. It works fine. Each motor draws less than 1A. The chip provides 600mA tor 1A per channel, which is just enough.

did u change the motor or anything because on this web site (http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1680/specs) it says it draws 2.1amps

That's the stall current. You shouldn't run into that unless you hit a wall and keep driving.

You can add some fuses to protect against this situation, which is always a good idea.

Nice bot! What Tamiya twin gearbox are you using and do you recommend it? I a looking for some new motors and you seem to have good speed and still be able to power over your obstacles. Thanks

and what does the IR do  here ?


Excellent robot. I look forward to seeing it with both motion sensors. Can you please give me the dimesions of the "plastic glass?"


The original plastic sheet was 25x50 cm, 4 mm width. I dremel-cut it in two disk of 25 cm diameter..

ops sorry, i was thinking of my other robot.. sorry i have lost my mind..

i don't have measures for this robot, i can take them this evening if you want. The original sheet is the same.

Thank you!