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Walter Update & Voice Fail

Just a quickie update guys,

I have not posted anything in a while and I thought I woud let you know I have not fallen off the map. I haven't fallen off the map. I have been writing code and adding personallity to Walter. The biggest thing on my plate right now is the fact that I have over 90 new phrases for walter's vocabulary. Now this is great, but also a ton of work. Each phrase has a corresponding "head move" which needs to be "recorded" manually in real time. In the middle of this "recording" of headmoves, my ipod died! It is really no loss, the system I used to play files from the ipod was a mess and terribly ineffecient. I have now moved on to a Vmusic module. This is a little box with a usb for a thumb drive and communicates via serial UART. It really is a slick little system except for the fact that my particular module responded to every command I sent it except for "play file"!! I am actually sending it back to the manufacturer to be repaired! At any rate, walter is comming right along and new posts will be up sooner or later.

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"I have been writing code and adding personallity to Walter." I like that quote. So futuristic, and now, which means now is future. I like it!

Oh, and an idea; if possible, instead of 100% hard coded messages, let some be like "I am 90% happy", or "You make me very (Variable: Sad, Happy, Horny etc)

I think I posted that idea to you before, did I not, btw? Hmm.