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Robot Website Question

I'm currently thinking about making a robot community portal website(sort of similar to newgrounds) after I obtain money to build my second robot. I was thinking about offering free swag from my cafepress store as prizes for monthly contests held on the site. Would robot enthusists really want free t-shirts,buttons,stickers,etc as prizes, or would they want hardcore robot parts? I'm sorry if this seems like spam, but I wanted to ask a community who has expertise in this field.



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All I know is that if I ran an online robot community,and somebody else logged on to ask for help with starting a competing online robot community, I might not be all that helpfull....

 / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Lol! Well, maneuveryou have a point :D A pretty good one :)

However personally I think there is room for all of us, the more communities, the more builders I would think. And more builders and cheaper parts and more development and more fun & inspiration for all of us is my mission, so I am only happy for more communities. (As long as we are the leading one HARHARHAR)

However - IMHO it does not matter if you make prices or not, I would never participate in anything robot related to win a (physical) price. Prices would be cool, but IMHO they would not really make up for the efford etc. The chance to win is also small so it would be bad business.. 

I have gotten some stuff from instructables.com, but I gave it away.. So I am not the right one to answer - and that is why I did not answer the post before :) (I do not know the answer)