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Hi, BlueFarAway is my first attempt of building a robot. It´s like a playground where I can experiment. I got an Arduino for another purpose and wondered how far could I go by using recycled parts, and that became the main objective of this robot. Build it as cheap as possible by using recycled things.

So BlueFarAway has 2 geared motors and wheels borrowed from toys, a chassis made of a CD case box, a ball caster made with mini skate wheels, battery holders from other toys and a dual H-Bridge made of old electronic components. Even the rechargeable batteries are old!!

Even though it works and it´s pretty fast (faster than I´d like her to be). I´m building (and struggling with) line sensors with old TIL 99 phototransistors and “who knows” photodiodes. But´s part of the fun J. If testing succeeds I´ll be adding homemade IR sensors for obstacles so it becomes autonomous.

Here are some Photos:

Buttom View

Buttom View

If you happen to be an ant, this would be yours perpective:

Ants View

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Very cool and speedy little bot! I like that you made use of so many recycled things, and that you are making your own sensors.

Good luck!

Nice begining platform, any chance you can post your schematic for the dual H-Bridge?


I appreciate your time.

As you can see I haven´t fully embraced CAD :)

DirL and Dir R are complementary. I use a transistor to ensure they don´t get the same value at any time (what means a PWM shortcut between Vmm and ground...)

Hope it helps