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The Pulse - 2010w21

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Started Here

How many of you actually built a "Start Here Bot"? And did you post it as a robot on LetsMakeRobots? I am a bit ashamed of my robot count so far (only 3 posted). But even worse: I built an SHB (live on Ustream no less) and I did not post it! For shame....

Over the years a fair amount of SHB's appeared on our pages. and I expect a few more will pop up in the coming months!

Continued Here

Frits completely rewrote the tutorial. It's now looking better, reading better, the pictures are prettier and the shopping for parts has become a lot easier!

LMR is teaming up with parts vendors to make sure that all the Start Here Parts are available in one bundle. This bundle contains all the parts needed in the tutorial. And because you can now order the bundle from one web-shop, you only pay for shipping once, probably saving you money. Plus you save a lot of time, shopping for all the parts on the list, visiting several web-shops, comparing prices and shipping options. The bundle will be available world wide.

Shop Where?

Does this mean that LMR is "officially" endorsing these suppliers? No!

You can still choose to shop where ever you like. This bundle is just a service to people who are starting to make robots and are having a hard time finding the right parts. Just like our ever expanding components database is a service to do that.

Is it not true then that LMR is receiving money for every bundle sold? Yes that is true. The vendor that sells you the bundle supports our community (with 10% of the money you paid). That money is badly needed to develop the site and to host our server. Remember: all of this is possible because people are paying these expenses from their own pockets.

And remember, our site is not littered with advertisements. That way we maintain our beloved independence and claim:


Dress (your) Sharp

With so many "similar" robots around, visual design can be a bit "dry". Originality is highly appreciated amongst creative folk like robot makers. And two motors plus a servo and a battery holder tend to replicate very similar outfits, regardless of how you glue them together. That's why I say: Accessorize Baby!

Not many part sellers seem to understand this aspect of robot building. They do not sell cowboy hats or any other robot accessories. Well, at least not in the fashion sense of the word .

Not yet anyway! LetsMakeRobots is steadily growing into an influential force. An "Internet Meme" in hobby roboticism. And the people who provide us with parts (most of them are people like you and me) are starting to take notice. Imagine the year 2011. Would you dare to enter the robot parts market without any robot couture in your catalog?!

Alright, maybe fashion is not really a hot trend or a lacking necessity according to LMR. But please, could we make an end to all those ridiculously looking "Sharp Wire Mohawks" all over the place! My patronage is guaranteed to the first vendor to invent an IR distance sensor with a mullet.



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Ha, forgot about this collection, rik :D

awsm!!!! so many robots from one basic learners model cool!!