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Power usage

Hi guys, im close to the middle stage of my robot, though i have not posted it yet. I need to know how to handle the power i need for my robot. it would be a micromouse.  Basically i would be using this battery http://www.sgbotic.com/index.php?target=products&product_id=219 due to the space constrains. I will use a step up http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/791 to run to micro metal gear motors. I would also need to power sensors and this is where the problem comes in. I don't want to mix the power from the step up and the sensors as im afraid of like inaccurate sensor reading and stuff like that. If you think it should be ok, please tell me. I am using 6 leds, 6 ir recievers( 2 pin types).  If it should not be ok, i was thinking of powering it with a battery cell. any chances of that? 


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You could always use a voltage regulator between the step-up and the sensors if you're worried about voltage level stability... plus a few smoothing capacitors. I'm typically not a fan of using multiple seperate power supplies on the same project, but that's definitely another alternative.