Let's Make Robots!

Let's Make Robots Start Here Kit

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This bundle includes all the parts to build the popular Start Here project from letsmakerobots.com. Save over 10% off buying the parts individually - more than $13!

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How do you buy it? I want to buy it and 2 more geared motors along with 4 more female jumper cables. I want to make a outdoor robot so it will have 4 wheels to balance and I will cover the wires :)

I figured out how to do it :)

Any one knows if Solarbotics has distributors in EU? Shipping from US is like 40$ O.o

Yes, they have distributors in EU (and other regions too). Here's a list: http://www.solarbotics.com/info/distributors/

I have used Technobots and Active Robots myself. Not seeing SH kit there (yet).


It looks like there is a local distributor too, though I doubt I'm going to be happy about their price :D 

I think you should ask them, not LMR ;)

Oh, nice! :D