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Scrapping Parts (sorry, deleted the other one(not on pourpose))

NEW: Anybody know what these are? I got them from an rc plane.


 this is the back:



This is a board of a different car. anybody got ideas?


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 nono, i know what a short circuit is.(its when power(electricity) flows back into a battery without being resisted.)

BTW: you were right Jka, it was one, i fixed it, and now it works!!!

thank you!




 a short circut????!!!???


thanks by the way.




What do you mean with all those !'s and ?'s? That you don't know what a short circuit is?

 But its not!

 there also used to be something soldered on to that middle silver point. Maybe thats the problem?

It's not clear on the picture, but are the solder on the terminals touching the metal casing on the motor? In that case, you have a short circuit. Try to remove some of the solder and test the motor again
I have seen some motors, where there is a capacitor from one terminal to the motor housing and from the motor hous to the other terminal. + wires to the terminals. I don't know, if that is better than just soldering the capacitor to the terminals.

 thank you for all the infos guys.

just a couple more questions, those ceramic capatators,

what are they for? I took them off a salvaged motor from

a rc car, and it didnt work anymore! 





They reduce electric noise from the motors. The motors should work without, but the electric noise can create problems for other electronics.
what does the bottom side of the board look like? 3 could potentially be an inductor as well(as well as the top center green component). It looks like a simple single speed motor controller. Turning would  be controlled by turning one motor off and the other kept on.

 wow thanks for all the infos guys!!

now in your oppinion, what is worth using again, and how? (im a nooooob)