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Scrapping Parts (sorry, deleted the other one(not on pourpose))

NEW: Anybody know what these are? I got them from an rc plane.


 this is the back:



This is a board of a different car. anybody got ideas?


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the two outside ones look like transistors, but could be vregs. They should have a number on each that you can google.

the middle one....a crystal(resonator)? 

outside one....can't tell with the image...almost looks like a peizo buzzer though....

What were they removed from? 

i think the big black thing is one of those things that beep, or make noise.

I got them from a took-apart alarm clock.

Ty for the infos

yea, that's the buzzer voodoobot was talking about.

new stuff, pls reply somebody. :)




1. ceramic capacitor

2. probable transistor 

3. probable resistor

4. electrolytic capacitor

5. trim pot ?

6. inductor or coil 

7. crystal oscillator


ah im no pro but ithink that "posible transistor" is a voltage regulator.    just an idea 
5 looks like a trim capacitor or trim inductor

 wow thanks for all the infos guys!!

now in your oppinion, what is worth using again, and how? (im a nooooob)





what does the bottom side of the board look like? 3 could potentially be an inductor as well(as well as the top center green component). It looks like a simple single speed motor controller. Turning would  be controlled by turning one motor off and the other kept on.

 thank you for all the infos guys.

just a couple more questions, those ceramic capatators,

what are they for? I took them off a salvaged motor from

a rc car, and it didnt work anymore!