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Virtual Joystick via Bluetooth

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**Update 5.29.10**

Alright! I have successfully gone the other way now! (Not like that). Top Video and yes, the lighting sucked.

Here's the system:

Picaxe 28x2 (in the transmitter) - 433mhz RF TX (the $5 one) - 433mhz RF RX - Picaxe 40x2 (Walter's main brain) - Bluesmirf Bluetooth serial datapipe - Std. USB Bluetooth adapter - Lappy - Processing

As I said in the video, I hope to start relaying distance and turn info via bluetooth to start some very basic "maps" or visual representations of where walter has gone. Basically, I want to start with a virtual etch-a-sketch or better yet, what was that program we used as kids with the turtle and pen-up/ pen-down? Logo? Something like that but with Walter's encoders sending data as to how long and where to draw lines.



As I am still waiting for parts to keep working on Walter's voice, I thought I get back to working with my bluetooth set-up. I think the video is self-explainatory, please excuse my voice --the pollen is kicking my ass!

Enclosed is the code and I just don't feel like writing a huge post right now. Read the code, watch the video, ask questions.


Bluesmirf Bluetooth Rx/Tx Module


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But can this Bluesmirf module also send, for instance, live video/audio feedback ?

any way, as Chris says, it is tx/rx and it does makes some pretty high baud rates, 115.200,  you wont be doing any HD video stream, but it can be done.

Yup, it is RX and TX. It works as a simple data-pipe so whatever goes in one end comes out the other. Not to mention, it handles some pretty high baud rates. I can see no reason you couldn't send audio or video (someone correct me on this) as long as the computer and pic -or- computer and computer are happy speaking in the same "audio/video language".

I would have to agree....I  think it would work.

Man, everytime you post something new, I'm amazed by what is possible! You're my inspiration when it comes to robots ;)

This summer I'm going to start building myself, hopefully that'll turn out allright :D