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motors and servos controllers


I want buy a motor and a servo controller, but before I buy it, I thought I should ask some questionst:

1) I know that you can use a separate power supply for the servos on the picaxe 28x1 starter kit, but can I use a separate power supply for the motors or do I have to use a motor controller.

2) Can I use any servo or motor controller with any microcontroller, or is there is a specific motor controller for picaxe or arduino etc.


Thank you.

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1) yes, the power that is connected to the motor driver chip on the picaxe 28X board, is marked: V2. This means that if you connect two different power supplies to the picaxe board from the starter kit, the motors will get their power from the second power supply (=V2). The same source as the servos.

2) Yes. You can use any servo or motor controller with picaxe and arduino. Both platforms speak just about any language these boards ask for. However; some controllers are somewhat harder to get working than others. If you are unsure about a specific controller that you want to buy: post a picture of how you think you need to connect it on the website and the people of LMR will gladly help you out.