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Lipo charge time

Hello. I just got my lipo battery and charger. These are the links to it 

1) batt --> http://www.sgbotic.com/index.php?target=products&product_id=219

2) charger --> http://www.sgbotic.com/index.php?target=products&product_id=217

im wondering how long it takes to charge say if the voltage is 3v

Thanks (:


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If the voltage is 3V then it will take 3 days. 1V/day. So a 7V battery would take one week. Hope This Helps!

Seriously !? Please tell me this was a failed attempt at a crappy joke! Is it is not helpful or funny in any way.

Don't reply if you're going to say complete nonsense!   


Lithium Batteries are Special. The must be charged slowly and carefully. Otherwise they could leak, catch fire or explode. After you have charged a 3V battery in 3 days. It should last you less than an hour. Then you'll have to wait another 3 days. That's just the way it is. Something's will never change. Hope This Helps! 

Don’t listen to Zeitron. He is either full of it, or hasn’t got a clue.
Your battery will probably be fully charged in 3-4 hours.

i figured it wont take days to charge one. Well with 100mah charge time will be 3-4hrs , with 280mah? abt and hr? U say will charge fully right, from what voltage that is. Thanks alot by the way, im currently charging and its taking quite a while

1000 mAh battery

300 mA max output from your charger

= 3 1/3 hours. Or 3.333333333333 if you like that kinda thing.


(10 hours by the way via USB power)

Voltage does not matter in terms of charge time. And 3v will not work... Min is 3.7 it seems.

as chris said 3.7 is minimum to charge... btw if you plug it usb will give 100mA wich is not bad... what about time... can't say something fix but trust me is less than 24 hours... if you overcharge the battery, I mean you keep a LiPo battery longer in charge, it will probably blow or fire or just broke down... as said... LiPo bateries are special... they even last longer than NiMH or others... and there are less dangerous :D

This is the theory from manufacturers' data sheets.

You've got an 1100mAH LIPO battery, so to charge it PROPERLY it should be constant current charged at 1100mA (i.e. 1C) until the terminal voltage rises to 4.2V. This will give about 75% of full charge.

The charger should then switch to constant voltage mode at 4.2V until the charge current drops to 1/100 C (i.e. 11mA).  The battery is then fully charged.  This will take 1.5 to 2 hours.

When using, it should never be discharged below 3V or it will lose capacity.

Which means that the MAX1555 chargers will either overcharge or undercharge a battery.  The one you've got will output a maximum of 280mA which is around a quarter of what it should be.  The manufacturers recommend you don't do this.

That's the theory - I've designed a PicAxe based charger which will charge anything from a 100mAH to a 1200mAH LIPO exactly to spec, but have no idea when I'll get a chance to build it (or if it will work!).

As you've got a battery and charger already, Connect it to a regulated 6V supply capable of 500mA but don't charge it near anything flammable.  Charging should take around 4 hours.