Let's Make Robots!

Sunday - "My First Robot™"


Well the time has come, this is my first ... OK not first but first posted bot :D

This little dude has been built and rebuilt for 3 times now, it's purpose is to serve as a devel/testing platform for various sensors/ideas I might have.

Almost everything on it is scratch built or scavenged from other stuff, except for the wheels which are borrowed form a Mecano set.

Since I still don't want to buy stuff, I do not have geared motors or gearboxes or servos. So I chose to use a very simple yet effective way of transmitting the power from the motor to the wheels: friction drive















As you can see the motor is driving the wheel trough friction, and the ratio between the wheel and the pinion is 1:5 (or more I'm just guessing here), this guy is real fast, I will probably have to speed it down.

The battery pack is made out of 6 AAA batteries soldered serially to get 9V, I will most likely replace them with a proper battery holder and accumulators for better efficiency.
















Back side.















Size comparison against a normal sized marker pen.

Below is the programmer which will be used to give Sunday a robot personality.















The programmer is based on the USBASP programmer here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/19753

The brain of the robot is an ATMega8 from ATMEL, it has all the features we robot folks require: PWM, ADC, TIMERS, lots of IO, ISP, 8K flash .. and it is cheap.

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Neloho for the first robot, my first robot   is much worse ))

... I'ts not really my first ... hence the TM mark. I't just a devel platform for now.

 I have been doing that with my robots and now starting to build my own processor board. Microsoldering is harder then I thought with all the options I use. Good job. I use the basic stamp. It dosen't need external parts to work.

Now it needs some sensors ... before it destroys itself hitting things.


Where do you learned AVR? I'm trying to figure out some ADCs etc but its hard :(


I'll use later CodeVisionAVR but now just MikroC for AVR :|

... I first built an Arduino, played a lot with it, then wanted to do stuff beyond the Arduino so I started digging deeper.

As you might know there are a few AVR communities on the net, the biggest would be: www.avrfreaks.net and if you understand German then you should check out www.mikrocontrollers.net too, both have forums and a lot of info.

I did play with MikroC at some point but I have settled for avr-gcc and avr-libc as this combination is the most used and works both on Linux and Windows (look for WinAVR).


I would name your robot "My first robotTH":)

I like scratch built robot like yours.

... stick to Sunday :)

Scratch building is where the fun is for me. While a kit would have made things a lot easier it just takes the personality out of it.