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Suggestions for off road AGV vehicle

I am looking for a vehicle that can go off road so i can integrate my GPS guided system in it. My little RC hummer sucks off road so i need something better. Does any one have a suggestion for something that can easily be controlled like a already made vehicle i can hack or maybe some geared motors with tires that would do well? I have seen some off road robots but not too many. If you have links to some, i would appreciate that too. I am searching the internet as i write this, but want to know about anything you know of that could be handy for me.

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I am looking at something like this right now.http://www.raidentech.com/exdysared1of.html

I wonder if it will be too fast, i would be running it probably at the slowest possible speed. 


What i like about it:

Top comes off and i can access the ESC. It has a servo which i can easily control. It goes fast which means it should have no problem going on grass, i have seen the videos and it is FAST. Plus it comes with battery and charger (7.2v). The ESC normally regulates that 7.2v down to 5v because the receiver is powered by the ESC and it can not take 7.2v. It does look like a cheap toy, the price is ok, but i am using a even cheaper hummer without problems. So i doubt going at low speeds and not crashing or jumping, like it is meant to do, will break this thing. 

The Tracked ATV360 is pretty hackable plus contains useful components for other projects.


Well my personal suggestion is a tamiya clodbuster, good motors, good tires and a very good ground clearance. It is a tab bit expensive but you get a bonus, it's a kit so you get the fun of building it :)  

It has a single servo for 4 wheel steering, a servo for forward/reverse with 3 speeds each way and 4 wheel drive. 

Hey I'll even sell you my built one if you want! lol 

Get A Toyota. They're Autonomous and Off-Road Capable. Some even Amphibious. Check in your Local Lake.

Power Wheels car.

Do any of those have some kind of electric steering?

  This might be a bit more than you wanted to spend but do a search for Rock Crawlers. If you have not seen them they are pure off-road vehicled. Maybe a used one from ebay.