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Autonomus bot, navigates around using IR detector. It scouts, it looks, it finds!
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This is really Scout_bot version 2.0. I added the pan tilt head (Robotshop.ca) later. Anyways it adds some personality. He is built on  an old telephone base that I had,added 2 servos for a drive,wheels, battery and  electronics. I decided to put in a homebrew IR detector (maybe cause I'm cheap...). Yeah, it took a while to get that working.

For the electronics a Pic16F628 micro with Picbasic was used.


Update June 12,2010

Added IR remote control to Scout_bot.  Used another Pansonic PNA4602M IR detector

and an old Sony remote. Pic PortA.2 was used for IR input.


From the top a look at the breadboard.






This is the IR emitter and the Pansonic PNA4602M IR detector on the head. The pic16F628 generates a 38Khz PWM signal

and is then detected by the PNA4602.




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I love the head movement! It makes the little robot seem alive. Really great work.

The head movement is very cool. It almost seems lifelike in a way. If only it could turn right =P


Programming the movement just right, took a while.

im interested in knowing the schematics of the detector ir gizmo , Thanks :)

Here is schem, as robot1.pdf.