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Accelerometer arm

hello everyone :)

i finished the starterbot lately and i worked perfectly. if you have seen the predators movies, you will know that they have the most awsome turret-thingies on their backs/ left shoulder. I got all the servos( the X and Y-axis) covered i think. i'm thinking of using an Accelerometer on my head, so when i turn my head, it points that way... Really cool! but, i have no idea on how to disseminate (not sure if that's the right word) the data to my picaxe cpu. i am not even sure i they can work together... i embeddeded a youtube video with a guy who does exactly the same thing... small world huh?

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Sweet, i was gonna make one of these with a nunchuck, for an art fair, the user would have to make a simple painting using the arm :)

niice, that would have been really cool. did you ever get it to work?

wrist and elbow joints

sweet. do you have any knowledge about acceleometers. because i am really lost :)

Actually i don't, but, ever heard of a wii nunchuck? it has one inside, that's what i have been using, only needs 4 wires, and you get a 3 axis accelarometer, a joystick, and two buttons, nifty little package, for easy control over anything :D


search ebay, you can get them as low as 5$.