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08M motordriver and power supply board


After a few weeks of waiting, my PCBs have arrived. I just soldered the components on the first one and it works like a charm. I had to drill out the holes for the resistors a bit and then solder the resistors on both sides of the board to get a good connection, but hey: this was also my first shot at having a PCB made and it works. Next time I'll be more careful checking out the dimensions in diptrace.

The board is basically the same as the 08M motor driver board from picaxe, but this one has a voltregulator with the proper caps. It takes 7.2V for the motor and uses a regulated 5V for the picaxe 08M. 

The picaxe can be programmed by connecting a serial jack to J1 (top-right of the board) I stopped adding those jack connectors to my boards because they take up a lot of space. 

J2 is used for connecting this board to another one. From left to right the pins are connected to Gnd, 5V and pin3 of the picaxe. This connector can be used to provide another board with a regulated 5V and control the motors with a single pin serial line.

The next version of this board will have properly sized holes and solder pads for the resistors and will possibly have more connectors for 5V and Gnd to provide other boards with regulated power and a 6V unregulated output (using 2 diodes) to provide power for servos

Just look at it! so small and pretty.

08M_motor_board.zip3.92 KB

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This is really neat! 

Where can you make these custom pcbs?

I really like how you were able to put labels onto the board.

These were designed using DipTrace and they were manufactured by batchPCB (see also)

They cost less than $28. Thats the total amount for the complete order  to make both PCBs and ship them to europe and (dont know why) I got two of each.

v. spiffy!

what are its dimensions? what do you mean when you attach another board to it?

can we see the other side too??


The board is 33mm x 52mm and the other side is pretty plain.

I intend to use this board as a serial motor driver for another board (in this case with a 20X2)  that I will connect using J2 and that has more IO pins available. The 08M will generate PWM giving the robot speed control.

here is a picture of the other side of the board.


My last order was doubled when I got it as well. I'm not going to argue. I will say this:

You sure do dig your 08's, huh? I think there might be a lot to say about that. At any rate, board looks good --it's always nice to see the fruits of you labors actually in your hands, huh?


I think they always order every batch in pairs because there is no electronic testing and they want to make sure you get one versino correct. They call it "prototype grade". Anyway. We'll see on the next order.

I like the 08M a lot. Its the only picaxe that has all functions on a pin. On the other picaxes, commands like serin works only on the default input pins and servo only on the outputs. I did get some of the other types but the 08M is favorite.

And Yes it is very nice to finally hold a board that doesn't look like colorful metal spaghetti on one side.

Where's the schematic to the PCB board mentioned above?



I didn't draw schematics. After a couple of hours of looking up the right components in the diptrace schematics editor I decided to take CTC's advice and simply start with drawing the board. I can post the board designs if you like.

I'd like to get a few of these.

Are they available for purchase? I can't seem to locate them at batchPCB.

I just published the design. I forgot I had to do that to make it available. Please note that the design on batchpcb still has holes for the resistor legs that are too small. As you can read in the comments: I had to drill to make them bigger.

I'll attach the diptrace file with adjusted hole sizes so you can order your own board without having to drill.