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PICAXE or Arduino For Starters

I am just starting out in the field of robotics, and I am looking for someplace to start.
I was wondering if anyone had anysuggestions on which hardware I should learn first.
My end goal is to be able to control my bots remotely via wireless of some kind.
I have listed two of the kits I am looking at getting below. One is the PICAXE starter kit from LMR and the other is a starter bundle for Arduino's from Solarbotics. Any suggestions would be welcome.

LMR Starter Kit

Arduino Starter Bundle - Ultimate

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Both are good starting points. The LMR start here robot will give you a working robot quicker but if you have programmed in C before then the Arduino kit may be better.

Take a look at the manuals that come with the programming editor(free download). Thats the best place to start. You can also start  playing around with code and testing it out with the built in simulator. Actually you should get into the habbit of using the simulator regardless of having a proc or not as it will help quite a bit in debugging.

Thanks for the info.

One More Question

You would happen to know of any good books for learning to use PICAXE.

Thanks Again

Welcome to LMR!

I would go with the LMR starter kit since it includes everything you need to get started, and it is programmed in Basic. 

Later on you can switch to Arduino if you think it is necessary, you do not really need to pay for one it's biggest advantage is that it is open source/open hardware so you can build it yourself.

I'd recommend this too.  http://www.solarbotics.com/products/lmr-sh/

You'd be one of the first few....   :)