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Hi all,

Just a short update on where this site (LMR) is going, why, when etc :)


We are now kindly hosted by BEE3. However, we cannot get the server access that we would need for more people to really work on the site, have a development version going etc.

So, we have been looking for another place to host, and Dan "TheCowGod" has offered to lend us he's server. We have a test version going on that, and have actually been on ait from Dan's machine - but there where some problems, and we are now temporary back on BEE3 server.

Once we get the hosting issue fixed, we will be able to realize some of the many plans that we, me, you have for LMR.

There are some good inputs here and here, and I have some plans myself as well. More about my personal plans and ideas below.

The plan in general is that once we get up and running on a server where we can do what we want, all interested members will be invited to a skype conference call where we can talk it over.

After this, we will form a group of people that are willing to spend some time on the project, and hopefully some who knows some Drupal - and we will be having weekly Skype-conferences in the beginning, later monthly I suppose.

These "meetings" will be the backbone of all development - where we look at status, at what is done, what should be done.

.. but first we have to get the site up and running on a stable server that we can access 100%.

The invitation to the first meeting will be very open, more a fun & social global event than a real meeting where we decide anything - the week after we will be more serious, and comitment will be needed from there on :)

My personal ideas, just a few words, I have a complete plan more or less..

  • I want to emphasize the feeling of this being "your personal space" - everyones.
  • Own profile pages should have automated lists of own blog entries, own robots, the tips you have given, and I would love to provide own stats for all of it (if the server can manage it)
  • Much, much more focus on user number! May sound strange, but it will be fun. At top on frontpage, any users number can be entered, to enter a persons profile. We will all be "a number", the name will be secondary. I am number 4, and a look into the future that I plan can therefor be seen on this link: http://letsmakerobots.com/user/4/robots We willave much more like that, links like this on every post.. but still kept without 1001 irelevant repeated icons etc - it will be something like either clicking on somebody's picture - or entering their number in a box to get there. The number will also be under each picture.
  • When ever you make a robot, and take a picture or make a video, you can then print out a banner that we make (with the new logo&fontface of LMR that we have ready), or make your own. Point is, you can be proud to throw something on youtube, because it has your number on it - a link to al your stuff on LMR - I have started using my number already, have a look at the end of my latest videos, example: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1823#robot_em_video
  • Imagine how the site will be transformed when all pictures have perhaps a printed LMR logo as a backdrop or below the robot..  for me it would look like this: (LOGO) letsmakerobots.com/user/4 (LOGO) - after some time these pictures will also show up on other sites, and people will start to see where all the cool stuff comes from :)
  • This will also prevent people from claiming that they have made something that they have not; Protect your pictures and video by having a cool LMR logo-backdrop with your number on it :)
  • Also you can start writing your number on your robots etc - Mine will for sure have the number 4 and a logo on them once we get there! Sort of "secret language" - we know what the number stands for, I think it will be cool.
You already have a number, why not start using it already? (Click your own picture to see what it is)

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