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Beeps and wanders around
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All of a sudden I got this strange urge to build a bot that beeps. Don't ask me why. Well what can you do about it? Build one! So here's what I managed to put together in last 24 + some hours: Beep, a bot that beeps.

Beep does have some other abilities besides beeping too, once I get it programmed. Wandering around might be the one worth mentioning. For anyone interested here's the part list (I just might have forgotten something):

  • Picaxe 28x1 uC
  • AXE020 Project board
  • 2 x Solarbotics GM9 motors
  • 2 x Solarbotics GM Wheels
  • Standard servo
  • LDR
  • Sharp GP2D12
  • Battery holder for 4 X AAs
  • Piezo transducer
  • Assorted resistors
  • Two diodes
  • White led
  • Ping pong ball
  • Plastic yoghurt jar
  • Paint stirrers
  • Lots of hot glue

Here's a short "photo album" of Beep (click for bigger images):

Components for Beep. Missing at least the LDR.

Some assembly done.

Assembly more or less finished.

Video will be available as soon as I get Beep programmed and beeping.


Update May 31 2010:


Beep is now finished. Here's some new pictures and there's also 2 videos available!

The "back plate" is removable for easy maintenance.

Close-up of piezo and led.

Backside of Beep. The thingy attached to the "back plate" is not for carrying things. It's for adding a bit weight so Beep can do wheelies :-)

Front view.

That's all folks.



Update Jun 29 2010:

Just added Vimeo videos so people who can't access Youtube can hopefully see them now. I have other videos in Vimeo too but I only updated Beep's page for now because I didn't want to clutter the front page. Other videos are here: http://www.vimeo.com/nuumio/videos



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Beep's Adventures Part 1 at 0.47 seconds in: Wheelie!

I love his searchlight head and the way he looks around. He looks like a search and rescue robot! Wouldn't it be cool if he had another little robot to rescue? Maybe you can add a feature so he searches for an IR beacon that you can attach to whatever Beep is looking for. When he finds it, he can do his little celebratory spinning dance.

Congrats on another great looking robot!

I have some plans for IR beacon stuff but they are for another bot. But I have to keep your suggestion in my mind because I really like watching Beep running around and it would be great if he had a friend to play with :-)


Thanks guys :-)

I wasn't even planning to build this bot until the idea just hit me last Friday. Good thing was that I already had parts available so I could just start building. Now I have to order new parts for bots I planned though. But Beep certainly was worth building. I like to play with it myself so much ;-)


That's one cool robot you have there! :D

Love the automatically oncomming LED ;)

keep it up :D

I like it!

The wheelies and the light definitely add a personality to it.

It reminds me a bit of that lamp off the Pixar films.

Very cool! The cowcatcher is a nice touch too.

Sounds good!

Sounds even better now! Too bad you can't hear those beeps as well on the video as in live :-(

I think you are very, very close to having build an insect capturer!

Now that's a great idea! Adding a bait and an electric fly swatter would make really nice robotic flytrap :-)

BTW, I noticed that the yellow paint I used was already attracting aphids.