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Help with Remote Control Robot

I want to make a simple robot which runs by REMOTE CONTROL . It should be able to cross some hurdles such as stones etc. and also should be able to carry or drag ball to specified targets.so please help me to build such robot.

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me and my freinds are making such cars and where gonna have race. with guns fire and landmines.(found landmine thing on youtube)

Post your proceedings, AND A LINK TO THE LANDMINES


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

I think not. It's a bit off-topic. Look it up on YouTube.

Let's see those videos of robots blowing each other up, though.

 nice idea, post a vid when youve done it!




finally!! i was able to get all the parts needed for my rc car!!.  i am trying to make a remote controlled air gun so he will be able to shoot while driving, like a tank, but much faster

It sounds like you need a remote controlled off-road car with a third channel on you remote controlling a simple grabbing hand.

If youhave a 4 channel radio spend the last one for lifting the hand after it has done the grabbing.

-or just buy THIS

 / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"


"maneuver" may have given you some very good advice.  You need to start off with the basics, and master them before you start trying to descend stairs.

But don't be discouraged.  Start small, and then grow. 

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA

Sure he did. My first microcontroller project was LED traffic lights and it took me WEEKS!!

thanks,i will surely read this site more.i will be thankfull if you suggest  me some designs.


Please, help us out a little here, and I'm sure that you will get a lot of suggestions.

What style of robot do you have in mind?  Do you want it to be tracked, or 2 wheeled, 3 wheeled, or 4 wheeled?

What size do you have in mind?  I think that most first time robots are rather small, but some people do start out very small, or very big.

Fast, slow?

What kind of budget do you have in mind?

Do you have the skill  and desire to build it yourself from scratch, or do you want a kit, or an almost ready to run robot?

Will you want to convert it to autonomous operation after you've mastered the remote control operation?

There are probably a lot of other questions that could be asked... 

Best regards, 

Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA