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Robot Baneblade

Navigate by ultrasonic sensors, track targets with moving turret via non-contact temp sensor, "shoot" with LEDs in the guns

A remote-controlled Baneblade for a HSC Software Design and development project, already done by BobPanda, thanks for the inspiration, but now with a little more functionality. This is for a school project, by the way. The idea is to get the tank to navigate by itself through ultrasonics, track body heat with the sensor mounted on a rotating turret (which will be a bitch to program, from what I've heard), and basically look awesome with LED cannons. Also, it can receive commands via an IR sensor, and because my classmate is making a universal remote for his project we can have an RC baneblade. It's very ambitious, but I'm hoping that I can do it and maybe even make it a Golden Daemon entry :-). P.S. sorry for image quality, taken with my iPhone.

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ah I see. This may necessitate some programming changes, but seeing as in real life a Baneblade would have to stop to fire its main cannon (more accuracy plus protection from recoil effects), this is acceptable. Thanks a lot!

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