Let's Make Robots!

Test yourself: Arty or Techie

There are 2 kinds of robot builders; Arty’s & Techie’s.

Take this test to find out what you are :)

Point = 0



1) Your robot has to navigate in a park. Do you design it to..

A) Orientate to see how far, what is ahead, somehow generate a map over the area, keep track over obstackles and good paths, drive to next point and so on

B) Focus on where you are going to, constantly avoid obstacles, but only if they are in your way

If answer = A then
point = point +1
end if



2) The fun about building robots are ..

A) That you can have an idea to a creature and see it come alive

B) That you have a reason to try math and programming techniques in real life

If answer = B then
point = point +1
end if



3) If there is a cable that has 3.7V coming out from your circuit, and you thought it should have been 5V, would you rather / typically..

A) Find out why it is 3.7V

B) Say ”that was strange”, and somehow cope with that for now

If answer = A then
point = point +1
end if



4) You have to make a robot arm that is going to take up all your socks from your drawer. Would your first thought be..

A) Find out a way to know how many socks are in the drawer, so that you know when you have picked all and is able to structure the picking.

B) Find out a way to see when the drawer is empty, and pick socks until it is empty.

If answer = A then
point = point +1
end if



5) If you should chose to be an expert in one of the 2 below, just somehow get all knowledge inserted into your brain, what would you chose:

A) Get to know 100% Picaxe Basic, Basic Stamp Basic and Arduino C – because then you could just build with ease, almost without thinking, all commands would be at your hands; If you can think on it, you can just make it..

B) 100% assambly, down to 0’s and 1’s of the chips the above based on, because then you would be able to understand it all 100%, and override the commands and optimize and write your own, which would be cool!

If answer = B then
point = point +1
end if



6) Building robots often happens alone. If you where together on a camp with 1.000’s of other builders, would you rather..

A) Participate in a group that would design something bigger, using multiple technologies.

B) Participate in a competition where you where able to enter a robot that you had made yourself.

If answer = A then
point = point +1
end if



7) After making a robot, would it make you more happy if..

A) Other robot builders where really impressed?

B) People who knows nothing about it think it is cool or fun?

If answer = A then
point = point +1
end if




0-2 points =  Arty!!

3-4 points = All around!

5-7 points = Techie!!

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i guess you should take 0.5 for answer 1, as +0+1 is =+1 and that would be like answering with the second choice only. You should in fact get an average of the two.

Does this comment make me more techy than before? 

only by a quarter point in my opinion

1) navigate in a park
B just obstacle avoidance
[no points]

2) fun of building bots
A+B I get to enjoy both if I want to!
[still worth a point I guess]

3) debugging 3.7 V
A definately A!
[2 points]

4) pick up all socks
B because the program would be so much cleaner
[still 2 points]

5) free expertise
B assembly because THAT would be something new (I could always depend in my own, less than 100%, expertise on the higher level languages)
[OK I'll take the point: 3]

6) would rather
A) be a part in something bigger
[4 points]

7) build bots to impress
A+B because I would like to impress the botmates with amazing cool designs and the lay people with inventions
[refusing to take a point for that: still 4 points]

extra bonus question
8) Would you structure a forum post as you would a program? And would you debate the selectivity of a Cosmo-style Artsy/Techie test?
[6 points]

I guess, that final question pushed me over Frits's techie threshold...

I got a 1.  Maybe I don't belong here?  lol

The point I got was on the first question. 

I was also tempted by the possibility of being fluent in assembly code, but then I realized I wouldn't be able to share code with other builders.

A score of 1 means that you are my new friend, 1474!
Yay I have friends on the internets.  :D
This site is great by the way.  It's a really cool community of creative minds.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone and collaborating with them on our projects!
I'm not sure if I'm going over to the "dark side" or if I've always been a hybrid.
6! Im a Trekkie?