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What's the largest autonomous land robot?

well, last night i dreamt about a really large humanoid, arms and legs where the ''arm'' of a digger











And that got me thinking of anyone has done anything autonomous in that scale, i remember this guy that did a youtube vlog, of a pretty large hexapod, but can't find it.

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Probably would be the military's research into autonomous convoys (like in iraq)



TARDEC does a lot of research into such things, and I have had the opportunity to see one IRL at their base in Warren, Michigan. They have some very awesome stuff.

I read a short article in Servo magazine that Caterpiller had built and was testing several 100 ton ore haul trucks at a mine somewhere out west (USA) they were loaded at a fixed point then drove to another fixed point, dumped their load, then returned to start over again. I think the distance was about 3 or 4 miles. try the caterpiller web site and search autonomous haul truck?

The OshKosh TerraMax for the DARPA Grand Challenge might be the largest autonomous vehicle, though if JollyRodger13 is right, then the ore haul trucks would be larger.


I think you might be referring to Jaimie's Giant Robot Project by "pretty large hexapod".