Let's Make Robots!

The Write LMR Challenge

The rules here are simple:

  • Make a robot that one way or the other writes either "letsmakerobots.com", or "LMR" the way you like it.
  • Shoot it on video, enter it as a robot.
  • Best entries will be promoted / used to promote LMR - Fame, envy, marvel, admiration and respect is the prize!

Your robot can shape the letters in clay, burn it on your sisters dog with a laser, build them out of breadcrumbs.. or draw it with a pencil on a piece of paper. Anything goes, as long as the letters are clearly written, and the video shows the progress.

Sample code is VERY welcome - perhaps this can be done simple by a "start-here-robot" - that would be way cool, and with some simple code that others could adapt and try at home!

Make sure that you have plenty of light on the video - best shot outside in daylight - it is going to be featured, so we need it to be sunny ;)

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The wires are there because i ran out of batteries, one acble is to power the arduino and one is connected to a voltage regulator to power the 3 servos. Its a mess testing it out with wires...

Ah so you used servos not DC motors cool! no wonder your movement was precise!

low geared dc morors would probably be good enough, the servos have problems of their own, 2 servos ordered at the same time(probably from the same batch) of the same brand and same specs does not move the same..... :)

This is my attempt to write LMR

Its nothing compared to your robots guys, anyway here goes:


Nice work! It's a challenge to write with the pen mounted off to the side, but you did it!

thanks a lot IG , you gave me loads of inspiration which made it possible :)

And pretty good one! Congrats and keep it up! :D

Another try........

.... This time using a IR pen drawing "LMR" in the air..............

...... a hacked Wii-mote camera is sitting in front connected via I2C to a propeller board ...... direct composite output to a small video screen......


Video Here :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBb0-Sd7kC4


And this time with Ümloud :D

Hmm.. It IS actually you writing, is it not?