Let's Make Robots!

The Write LMR Challenge

The rules here are simple:

  • Make a robot that one way or the other writes either "letsmakerobots.com", or "LMR" the way you like it.
  • Shoot it on video, enter it as a robot.
  • Best entries will be promoted / used to promote LMR - Fame, envy, marvel, admiration and respect is the prize!

Your robot can shape the letters in clay, burn it on your sisters dog with a laser, build them out of breadcrumbs.. or draw it with a pencil on a piece of paper. Anything goes, as long as the letters are clearly written, and the video shows the progress.

Sample code is VERY welcome - perhaps this can be done simple by a "start-here-robot" - that would be way cool, and with some simple code that others could adapt and try at home!

Make sure that you have plenty of light on the video - best shot outside in daylight - it is going to be featured, so we need it to be sunny ;)

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Hey! Watch LogoTurtleBot doing it here!

Wow, you did it!

That is really good, nice job!!! :D

Picaxxo :-

First attempt to write LMR with a picaxe Bot

paint to follow..........

Oh, wicked!!

On the R / the last turn, Id spin rather than slide.

Cool, thanks for taking up this old challenge again :)

I think this one needs to be added to the entries:


May not be submitted / oficial, Dan? But It's on youtube, and I love it :D

Yeah, Dan. What are you thinking!??!!?

There would have been a lot of effort in programming that.

It would be good publicity if we could have this competition on Youtube. More interesting than their staring contest (except for the Jessica Alba entry, she's cute). Other robot builders would have to join to enter the competition.

Do you know how one can get such a competition on youtube?

I've never had anything to do with youtube before I started posting videos for here.

After reading their guidlines and revisiting the Jessica Alba video I watched it seems that the video is just like any of our videos that we upload. (do we know any celebrities? she has 7.7 million views after about 8 months)

According to your stats a lot of people found us through search engine results, we should try and utilise that.

It seems to me that we should just upload some good LMR writter video's with a competition annoucement attached at the end. Adding a few words such as competition to the tags should help. The Logo kit is a good start but better video tagging will help a lot since this is what search engines look at. We may need to look at what words we can add to our tags that will help to reach a wider audience such as cool, funny, prizes, competition etc. We need a couple of our videos to go Viral so we need some weird and wonderful machine doing some outrageous things. 

Video YDM busking in the street. Maybe I should have SplatBot run around in a shopping center with some money on a stick and then squirt anyone who tries to take it?

Some of my recent videos have had (not by design) names that may attract other viewers (drunken roo and wet dream). I'm watching them to see how their view ratings perform compared to the other videos with more boring names. So far after less than a week "drunken roo" has 116 views compared to 78 views for "Oh no"even though both were posted at the same time for the same project (pictomatix). After only 2 days "wet dream" with 115 views is outperforming "splatbot mkII demo video 4" with 90 views. This is not conclusive at this point. Give it a month or two but if the titles are also looked at by search engines then we should consider more interesting names than "splatbot mkII demo video 4".

I'm now editing the tags on my better videos to include words such as cool, firepower, fun etc depending on the content.


absolutely amazing!!

and what a nice type font   ;)