Let's Make Robots!

The Write LMR Challenge

The rules here are simple:

  • Make a robot that one way or the other writes either "letsmakerobots.com", or "LMR" the way you like it.
  • Shoot it on video, enter it as a robot.
  • Best entries will be promoted / used to promote LMR - Fame, envy, marvel, admiration and respect is the prize!

Your robot can shape the letters in clay, burn it on your sisters dog with a laser, build them out of breadcrumbs.. or draw it with a pencil on a piece of paper. Anything goes, as long as the letters are clearly written, and the video shows the progress.

Sample code is VERY welcome - perhaps this can be done simple by a "start-here-robot" - that would be way cool, and with some simple code that others could adapt and try at home!

Make sure that you have plenty of light on the video - best shot outside in daylight - it is going to be featured, so we need it to be sunny ;)

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Yes, I'd definitely go for walls. It would be more easy to calculate the "squirt vectors" if you're working in a 2D plane on a normal with your squirt gun.

That said, this is already VERY IMPRESSIVE!

OH YES!!!!

I'd say this is the first robot REALLY meeting up to the challenge!!

F*ck me, that is so cool!!!


Too tired to post WhizzyWriter details right now.

Maybe tomorrow.

All this arty stuff's killing me. Here's the home movie.

OMG, its awesome.. Greath job, think its a auto win hahaha

 Its crazy well done.

but does this one qualify to enter?





Of course it does!

 Does THIS count as a robot, or do I need more wheels?



Well done BOA. Oh, the many ways in which this website is keeping people from doing what they were planning to do in the weekend!

Make those knobs turn and let that be your propulsion and THEN you can call it a robot! At any rate; we ARE expecting a technical follow up post!

Dominoes.jpgI don't have time to do this myself, but if someone else does, please feel free to pick it up and run with it.

This is a video of a little $8 toy which lays a trail of dominoes behind it.

It's steerable. My thinking is that it wouldn't take too much to stick a servo on the steering head. It already has a drive motor. It doesn't even need an H-bridge control as it has no requirement to ever go backwards.

It would be sweet if someone could write LMR in dominoes!

I'm afraid I can't remember where we got the toy, but it couldn't be too hard to replicate.

Unfortunately (see video) it sometimes knocks them over. Need a better mechanism.

While coding new interactivity into Farrusco, and trying to achieve more control on the way it moves, I though it would be cool to see what happens if I mount one little servo to hold a pen, and tell him to write ‘LMR’

This is the result  :)         http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2306