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I'm working on making my own Robot controlled helicopter. Is there anyway to calcute the wing length of the blade in order to lift the helicopter?

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What other robots or helicopters have you made?

(Point being; Start making something that works, and then improve)

Look what i got. going to work on some basic stuff first like.. can this read the gyro already built in.. add some tilt sensors . one 2 axis Tilt sensor and one accelorometer. see where it goes. i still want to have complete control with the radio it came with in the event of a problem which the existing eletronics come with an extra un-used channel that can be the Robo-mode on/off. i've done some testing and it can very easily lift another 100 grams.


Wow, go for it, boy :)

I'll be watching this one closely. I have a Dragonfly I'm busting to take apart.

NB - don't listen to the naysayers below. They probably would have had the Wright Brothers burned at the stake for their witchcraft and trickery...

(Wear safety goggles .. at least for the first test flight)

:D So much destruction from a variable overflow, division by zero, or a > that should have been a <

2d is tough, 3d movement....your askin for trouble....

What? Flying is easier - much fewer obstacles as long as you skip the taking off and landing :)

How bout starting low to the ground first? Hovecraft might be easier to start with



That sounds appealing. I'd have a blast at that.
I've flown rc planes,single engine prop, ducted fan and had my attempt at helos...just getting them correctly trimmed will add to the difficulty. Even those cheap rc choppers for 20-60 over at the local hobby shop won't be easy to fly without quite a bit of heavy electronics to guide the thing. Even arf's have a little bit you need to do to get them flyin correctly. Driving an rc car is very different and quite a bit easier.  You're talking to someone who was in the RC hobby for many years...
The beauty of a robotic helo is that it would be self-trimming. PID. ("Ooops, I'm too far over to the left, better increase the relative left prop speed a bit.")