Let's Make Robots!

Nothing works. Where did I go wrong?

I have tried to build my robot according to the schematics below, but it is not working. Where did I go wrong??

Have fun with it.


Robot schematics

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obviously the problem is in the lower left corner;

Dancing is NOT science!


But if it starts chasing you and saying "It's Alive" then I would have a axe (NOT a PICAXE) ready.... 

C'mon guys...are you all such rookies not to find that simple error?

See, CH3 is simple Methane and we don't want that since it's coming from farting cows (sorry about those words but it's true) and is very bad for the global warming since it's warming up our planet 200 times faster than CO2

The only conclusion can be that the formula above the "Arena" should not be CH3 but C2H5OH...that's an ingredients in some famous names like Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker...

CH3 is actually a methyl group not methane, CH4 is methane

Yeah I was wrong but very close ;-)

You are correct. I did not actually see it in the drawing... (Didn't actually read/view the whole thing.)

Someone mentioned methane and I was commenting on that.

I suppose free methyl ions could combine with hydrogen (which we have a lot of in the form of water) and become methane.  Of course, it could just as easily combine with the OH in water and make methyl alcohol, but it's good enough, since this page is all in fun anyway... --but thanks for pointing it out.

I see the problem in the circuit...  There are no bus connections...  And how can we get a drink without a bus-bar?



Actually, cows are not the only source of methane.

Firstly, there are vast amounts of methane below the ocean. The deepest submersable cameras stumbled onto this fact, which nobody knew. A sea of methane held down by the pressure at that depth.  However, only a small amount of it escapes to the surface. Since it is staying down there. --no problem.

Secondly, the one that is a problem is that there is a lot of methane in the soil in places like Siberia, where the ground was frozen, but is now warming up and releasing the methane at an alarmingly increasing rate.  The warmer the climate gets, the more methane is released, and the more greenhouse effect we get from it, warming even faster...  a runaway condition.

Thirdly, besides cows, did you know that 11% of the world release of methane is from termites? Yes, termites.  Not only do they destroy your house, but the atmosphere as well...


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Thanks Dan, without a bus we are doomed...

Also the info about the Methane is helpful...termites...these little bastards...but we could capture them using an Arduino controlled trap, take their methane and burn it to power our stuff...sounds good...will see if I can find one termite here to capture ;-)

Maybe build an altered version of IG's Venux for catching termites instead of flies