Let's Make Robots!

Nothing works. Where did I go wrong?

I have tried to build my robot according to the schematics below, but it is not working. Where did I go wrong??

Have fun with it.


Robot schematics

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are the scarab beetles alive? Dead ones are not conductive.

Are you sure you put the electric eel properly? remember the polarity.

My eels only run on AC.

you probably forgot to attach your tongue to the circuit

you probably forgot to attach your tongue to the circuit 

edit: sorry double post

Glad to see someone on LMR familiar with xkcd


Are you sure you bootloaded the atmega328 on the arduino correctly?

I thought that it was a PIC18 processor. Maybe the problem lies there

Try putting your Y fronts on upside down

:D I like it. What should it be doing if it worked?