Let's Make Robots!

Nothing works. Where did I go wrong?

I have tried to build my robot according to the schematics below, but it is not working. Where did I go wrong??

Have fun with it.


Robot schematics

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It must clearly be for a solar powered gladiator robot.

The arena in the middle is an obvious indicator along with the 'center of the sun' connection on the left.


I think you were supposed to do a u-turn at I-95.

But should I do a right or left turn??

C'mon guys...are you all such rookies not to find that simple error?

See, CH3 is simple Methane and we don't want that since it's coming from farting cows (sorry about those words but it's true) and is very bad for the global warming since it's warming up our planet 200 times faster than CO2

The only conclusion can be that the formula above the "Arena" should not be CH3 but C2H5OH...that's an ingredients in some famous names like Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker...

It took you a year to figure that out?

No, just saw it by searching something else ;-)

But if it starts chasing you and saying "It's Alive" then I would have a axe (NOT a PICAXE) ready.... 

obviously the problem is in the lower left corner;

Dancing is NOT science!