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Worm robot

Hey guys, I have 5 standard servos sitting around here and I had some inspiration to make a worm robot.

I did some quick sketches and made a model out of cardboard. Its going to pick up its tail first and put it on the ground  closer to body, then the wave just travels down the body eventually to the head.

With only 5 servos it has 6 segments, 4 up/down pivots and 1 left/right pivot in the middle for turning. Turning might be tricky, so Im going to mock up a better version with packing foam and play around before commiting to it.

I might upload the sketches later after the shopping is done. But Im interested in what you guys think? 

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This is a brilliant idea. I hope you pull it off. What you describe sounds more like a caterpillar than a snake and definitely most unlike a worm. (If you COULD make a worm which propelled itself by peristaltic motion, THAT would be impressive.)

How high do you want to lift each segment? From experience the little plastic geared servos won't lift a ton of weight. Should be able to lift 2 or three other servos and the supporting chassis if it's nice and light.

I don't think your steering mechanism will cause any problems at all. I think it will work great. You can twist one way while the front is in the air and twist the other way while te back is up. It will work fine.

Now, I'm off to see how I can make circular plastic segments contract one after the other for my peristaltic underground robot.

Maybe this can give you some inspiration:


That looks cool jip, ive seen a few robots that squirm like snakes. I really want to try one that does like a vertical wave instead of horizontal. I like the idea of it being able to lift its head to "look" around :)
That sounds really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing it progress! A robot earth worm! :-)
no, ezekiel181is going to make it LIFT the parts, not drag/roll over the floor.
Yes I read that. Just trying to give some inspiration from a somewhat similar project - you don't mind that, do you?
It is just that there are 1.000 worms doing it the Lars-way :) I'd love to see one raising the body, it would be quite something, and new. You do not mind that, do you? (Go to bed, it's like 8:30 on a sunday morning and I know you have no kids and it is raining so you wont use your pool :D)

Ok, point taken :-)

I think it is way cool!! It would be amazing to sse if it could be done. Please document it, so that others can see how you did it!

5 servos snake, moving by making waves? Nice.